Peachy colour scheme from my recent ‘girls’ illustration used for this little selfportait.
Illustration for a booklet covering the subject of positive body image. Project aimed for teenage girls.
Medium: graphite, gouache, digital

I just wanted to say that your art is absolutely stunning! What traditional mediums do you like to use?

Thank you for your appreciation! As for my favourite mediums - I mostly use watercolors and I love gouache. Right now my favourite brand is winsor&newton, they are brilliant and very smooth. Hope you will find it helpful.

Canyon, a quickie in watercolor and PS.
Wedding card for J. and M. Bird. 
Paris florist shop. I miss the summer already.
I’m planning to restock my etsy shop soon, therefore a little clearance - last chance to grab some prints from the previous batch, and one pretty original watercolour painting.
my esty shop
First one from several illustrations for the upcoming bigger project.
Girls girls girls.
Happy birthday Adam!
Opaque  by  andbamnan